My new laptop skin



Sherlockian trinkets

Ah, well. My weakness. Well, one of them, anyway!

So – this is my latest acquisition:

I am realising that I barely write anything here. Must rectify that.

On the off-chance that someone reading this has not already seen it – the summer issue of the e-magazine of the Sherlock Holmes Society of India (it’s called “Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge”) is out now – has been for over a week. It’s available for free download and distribution at

My favourite Sherlock


That’s my favourite Sherlock – well, obviously. Ain’t he lovely?


Oh, Sherlock – you’re the best. Really.

Did you know today is the 100th day of this year? And since I’ve been putting up a Year of Sherlock Snippet on Facebook everyday – today was Year of Sherlock Snippet #100. It was “There will always come a time when we need Sherlock Holmes.”

Truer words were never said.

This is my current desktop wallpaper -If you’re a fan of Sherlock – whether you’re just Sherlocked or suffer from StockHolmes Syndrome, you should head to Sherlockology at the beginning of every month, solve their puzzle and download that month’s Sherlock wallpaper. I do it. This is the one for April, clearly.


Oh, yes – if you’re in London, tomorrow (April 11, 2014) there’s a conference called “New Directions in Sherlock” at UCL. Here’s the programme – though I’m not sure if it’s the final one (I really wanted to go, but real life interfered, unfortunately):


Anyhow, that’s that.

I’ve shifted to a new cabin at work – and this one has a window with a view of the High Court:


May not be much – but I love the colours. The red brick of the court and the green foliage.

And guess who dominates my cabin?

Who else but Mr Sherlock Holmes?

I wish I were rich. Then I could build a Sherlock Holmes Museum and even have a small temple in it to worship him.

Jai Sherlock Holmes!